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Age: 24
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 118 pounds
Measurements: 34D-24-36
Turn On's: Looking right into the eyes of
the guy or girl I'm fucking and talking dirty
to them. Guys that make sure I get off first. A hot sticky load shot all over my face!

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Long and Blonde

Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Sexual Preference: Very bi-sexual
Turn Off's: Bad kissers. People that are
rude, pushy, uptight, inconsiderate, selfish, possessive, or jealous. In general, people that don't seem to think about others.


Let's see, where do I start? Well, I guess you'd probably be interested to know how I ended up with my naughty little web site in the first place. When I look back on how this whole thing came about I sometimes can't believe it myself! Anyone who knew me just a few years ago would be totally shocked if they ever came across my site. Let's just say that I grew up in a small town and was raised in a very religious family. When I was in high school I dated the same guy for all 4 years and he didn't even get as much as a blow job out of it. I was definitely a fucking sexually repressed prude back then! It wasn't even until our first year of college that he finally got a blow job from me and even then they were far and few between. At the time I thought it was pretty gross. I didn't even let the poor guy fuck me until the summer after our freshman year of college. That's right, he waited more than 5 years for a piece of my ass.

Well, we ended our relationship just after graduation from college and I started dating other guys. I went out with a lot of guys over the next couple years and I even fucked a couple of them too. Although the sex was ok for me I really didn't think it was anything all that spectacular. Then I met my current guy, Jake. Wow, I thought I knew about sex when I met him but damn did this guy open up a whole new world of sexual freedom for me. He was extremely adventurous sexually and was always getting me to try new things. Most of the time I was pretty reluctant at first but Jake always had a way of convincing me that his latest idea would be a lot of fun for both of us. Let me just say he was always right too. I remember the first time he took me to an adult book store and bought me my first dildo. I was so nervous going into that store but once we got home and I fired that thing up (yes, it vibrated) I couldn't wait to feel it inside me. Since then I've gone back to that store a lot, even by myself, and I have quite a huge collection of toys now.

Jake even got me into watching pornos. At first I wasn't really sure if I liked them but the more we watched the more I got into it. I would sometimes find myself racing home from work so that I could pop a porno into the VCR, grab my favorite toy, and fuck myself to orgasm several times before Jake got home from work. I mean, I was really turning into a little nymphomaniac. I was thinking about getting off pretty much 24 hours a day. I even stopped wearing panties to work so that whenever I felt the urge I could slip my hand under my skirt and rub my clit while I was sitting at my desk. I still do it even to this day, it's so exciting sitting there stroking my pussy as I look across the office and see my co-workers slaving away. LOL.

Sorry, I guess I started getting a little off track for a minute there. So anyway, Jake and I were getting more and more adventurous sexually until one night Jake went a little too far. I got completely freaked out when he suggested that we have threesome with a bisexual female friend of his or maybe he could even have one of his buddies come over and fuck me from behind while I sucked him off. I nearly left his ass right then and there, I was so fucking pissed off that he would even conceive of such a thing and I told him he was a pig for even thinking I would do anything like that. We had the biggest fight of our relationship that night and I was really beginning to wonder whether or not even I wanted to continue seeing him.

A couple months after that huge argument I read an article in one of my mainstream woman's magazines about a housewife who had a threesome with her husband and a guy they picked up at a bar and took back to their hotel. I'm really not sure what it was but, by the time I finished reading the article I was so aroused that I had literally made a wet spot that soaked all the way through the crotch of my jeans. Anyway I tossed the magazine aside, stripped off my clothes and started rubbing my clit just thinking about being fucked by Jake and another guy. I couldn't stop thinking about how incredible it would feel having two men inside me at once. Wow, did I ever have one hell of an orgasm that afternoon! I was just finishing up when Jake got home from work. I literally attacked him at the door, I pushed him down on the floor, ripped off his clothes and rode his cock like I never had before. I think he was pretty shocked at how aggressive I was. I just completely lost control of myself and pretty much fucked him like a wild animal as I started talking really dirty to him. Ever since then I really get off on talking dirty anytime I'm getting fucked!

After reading that article in my magazine I started to look at Jake's threesome suggestion with more of an open mind. In fact I thought that it would be even better to have a foursome with another couple. Just the thought of having another man's cock inside me while I watched Jake fucking the hell out of another woman began to drive me crazy! When I told him that I wanted us to get together with another couple he was in awe. After my reaction to his suggestion of a threesome just a few months earlier I certainly understood his confusion. So, we talked it over and of course he was even more excited than I was about the idea of doing this. We thought that the best way to meet another couple would be through an on-line adult personals web site.

So, we put up a personal ad on an adult web site with some pictures of us and the e-mails started flooding in from all these guys wanting to fuck me. We also got quite a few from some really hot couples. You would not believe how horny I was those first couple of weeks just thinking about all these different guys that wanted to do me. Every morning I couldn't wait to get up and check my e-mail to see what was waiting for me. It took us nearly three weeks before we finally found the right couple, their names were Eric and Jessica. We e-mailed back and forth and exchanged some more photos for a couple weeks. Jessica was an incredibly beautiful woman and Eric was very well built and he had the biggest cock I'd ever seen in my life! By this time I was masturbating like 8-10 times a day just thinking about meeting them and having Eric's huge cock inside my pussy while I watched Jake fucking his lovely wife.

Well, we finally met with them and it was the most incredible fucking sexual experience I had ever had. I'll spare you the details for now, it would take several hours of reading to fully convey the experience anyway. Let's just say that from that point forward I knew that I could never be satisfied being with only one man for the rest of my life. Fortunately for me, Jake is very understanding about this and he really enjoys seeing me fucking other guys and girls. Hell, what guy wouldn't be, especially since he gets to fuck most of the girls I'm with too. Well, it wasn't very long after that experience before I was having sex with other guys, other girls, more couples, groups, you name it I wanted it and I wanted it all the time. I sometimes joke with Jake and tell him that he created a sexual monster! As incredible as that first experience was for us we were extremely disappointed that we didn't have any pictures or video to remember it by so, we decided that we would start taking photos and videos of all our future sexcapades so we could relive the experience again whenever we wanted to.

We continued to meet other people mostly through the Internet and by e-mailing photos back and forth. Constantly e-mailing my photos began to be a pain in the ass and I was always getting e-mails back from guys saying they couldn't open this photo or that photo and asking me to resend them. So, we just put up a web page with about a dozen of my pics on it so that we wouldn't have to constantly e-mail them. It made things a lot easier for me. After a couple weeks of having the web page I was continually getting requests for certain types of photos to be added to the page. Since I really got off thinking about all these guys masturbating to my pictures I would pretty much always fulfill their requests. Jake would take the photos of me and I would add them to the web page.

Before I knew it I had several hundred very hot photos up on the web page. I was really having a lot of fun with the feedback I was getting on the web page until it was mysteriously taken down by the my Internet service provider. When I contacted them they said that they did not allow "images of that nature" to be hosted on their servers. So, I spent some time finding a web hosting company that would allow me to post all our pictures again. I started to rebuild my old web "page" and it actually ended up evolving into this full-scale interactive web "site" with a live web cam and all kinds of other naughty stuff for you guys to get off to. Wow, I guess that was a rather long explanation as to how I ended up with this site. Anyway, that's how I got to this point with my site. I really hope you enjoy my free guest area and decide to become a member of my site so that we have a chance to play together on my live cam. Hope to talk to you soon.

~ Kisses, Allie



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